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Pre Wedding

Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography is a photo shoot which is usually done several months before the actual wedding day.We highly recommend the engaged couples to opt for pre-wedding shoot for two main reasons. One, It will be an ice breaker to get familiar with the photographer and his/her style of working before the wedding. Two, the couple gets a good collection of portraits in different outfits. Many of them think it’s about the location and costumes however we at Photo Kadtha feel the most important aspect in pre wedding shoots is how well you get along with your partner. We let the couple have their own sweet time until they are ready to get snapped. Our pre-wedding photography is all about capturing the beautiful moments with your special one at exotic locations. We are considered as one of the best pre-wedding photographers in Bangalore and Udupi. We also travel for pre-wedding shoots in different cities as requested by our clients and customized it according to their requirements. To book a pre-wedding shoot in Bangalore or any place of your choice get in touch to discuss it in detail.

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